“I have known Pilar Leyva for many years. Enjoyment and admiration is what I sense when I witness, time and time again, the existence-and in fact, it so much exists in Pilar-an enormeous enthusiasm for the delicate task of guiding potential future pianists through solid technical and musical principles, from scratch, with amazing results in a few months of work, and yet with long term projection.


Pilar has this talent. Her teaching is based on her personal  extensive experience on stage that permits her to follow-up on her students that she somehow transforms into prize winning young pianists with impressive background.”


Joaquin Achucarro, world reknown concert artist and professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX

“Gifted music teacher leaves mark on her students and the Coral Springs community.”


 Key of Life – PEOPLE,   Newspaper article in the Sun Sentinnel 1991   Broward County, Florida

Professor Leyva is a magnificent pianist with vast knowledge of piano music and an extraodinary background in piano teaching. She gave a great lecture and shared her thoughts on piano technique.  I was most impressed with her sophisticated grasp of those pieces, her musical erudition, and the joy in exploring and sharing ideas with the students.”


Hanna Wu Li, profesor and chair of the piano división, Carnegie Mellon University, PA

“The students have been thrilled to have had the opportunity of working with you and the faculty was very impressed with your masterclass.”


Enrique Graf,  concert artist-lecturer  in Piano, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg. University Artist in Residence, College of Charleston, SC

“Once again, to have you with us has been of great impact to our students, specially for those you worked with. They have been changing many things and their playing is easier and more efficient. For us, an enormeous happiness and learning experience. “


Andres Jaramillo,  professor of piano, Eastern Washington University, WA

“How wonderful it was to meet you and watch your teaching and presentation!

I really enjoyed your masterclass…your on-point critique of our students were exactly what they needed to hear. I would also love to hear more about your research as I am very aware of the body when I teach and play.”


Dr. Jovanni-Rey V. de Pedro, Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy, Lionel Hampton School of Music University of Idaho Moscow, ID

“Our faculty and students are still buzzing about the new ideas they were exposed to, and it seemed to be the perfect tonic to rejuvenating our creative endeavors.”


Jeremy Samolesky, Associate Professor of Piano, Auburn University, AL

“We were so fortunate to have you teaching such a deep level of understanding in piano to our students. Not only did the students who played for you learn a great deal, but the

students who observed could also witness quick improvements from the performers. I would be remiss if I don´t mention the carisma you commanded during the masterclass.

You have a gente and kind, but yet extremely convincing way of teaching.


Sun Min Kim, DMA

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Pilar Leyva’s master class at Carnegie Mellon University was an inspiring problem solving workshop. As the great master that she is, Pilar is able to make a quick diagnosis of the technical problems and give an almost immediate “cure”. Students were instantly able to play in a more efficient and relaxed way. Everyone felt energized , encouraged and inspired. Thanks Pilar, we will be looking forward to your next visit!


Luz Manriquez, Carnegie Mellon University, PA


“The practical style of the workshop permits us to absorb the paths in search of technical and musical solutions in each case and particular repertoire, The observations made at the workshop are evident of a great experience and a brilliant career.”


Francisco Jiménez Mancipe, student at Universidad Pedagógica de Tunja, Colombia

“while not having a teacher, a salvation appeared in the celebrated personality  of Pilar Leyva who took me in as a student without any doubt. What I have learned from her about technique and interpretation, I would have never imagined.”


Julian Bohorquez. Recently a student a the Moscow Conservatory in a interview with a regional newspaper El Periodico. Zipaquira, Colombia. Culture section, Nov-Dec issue of  2014

“I enjoyed hearing all your information on techniques and how to relax muscles to prevent injuries while playing. I was specially interested in the hand positions you taught us… you helped me grow in the maturity of my playing a great deal”


Emma Beth Fisher, piano student at Auburn University, AL

“I am grateful to all the insight that you gave me about both the teaching and musical sides of playing piano and I am excited to apply what I learned to my practicing and performing . Your ideas will allow me to improve.”


Bekah Horton, piano student at Auburn University, AL

“Professor Leyva taught me more than I expected to learn that day. She actually showed me a new kind of touch for the octaves in my piece that has really improved the tone in that section. She was very complimentary which helped put me at ease.”


Jessica Jeppson, piano student, University of Idaho

“Today with the help of her comments and extensive practicing, my Mozart sonata is going fantastic musically, and technically.”


Evan Paris, piano student, University of Idaho

he lecture on piano technique broadened my knowledge and understanding as a pianist as well as played a significant role in my personal playing ….I saw the instrument become flexible in timbre and depiction of ideas… Thank you for helping me understand the reason I was experiencing wrist pain … I now know how to avoid that pain. The masterclass was both interesting and musically educational.”


Diana Viskova, observant pianist,Eastern Washington University, WA

“The broad understanding that you have of piano repertoire was refreshing. Your detailed knowledge of the more advanced repertoire was wonderful to hear. I felt that your insights came from a performer of the pieces rather than someone who was taught similar pieces.”


Becky Hardy, piano student, Eastern Washington University, WA

“I am so thankful to have experienced your phenomenal teachings and I hope to one day cross paths with you again.  You are such a beautiful, lively, intelligent individual-thank you for coming and caring.”


Christian McGee,

piano student at Auburn University, AL

“It was so liberating to hear confirmation about the freedom to use our physique to serve the purpose of the sound we want. I also enjoyed the lesson which facilitated issues I was having trouble with.”


Anny Balabanian,  piano student at University of Arkansas

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